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Happy Earth Day! Here are some great events to partake in, read more about how VCU celebrates Earth Day here. 

Race and Society in the Atlantic World
A Symposium
This event is free and open to the public.
Wednesday, April 23
9am to 5pm
VCU Commons Theater
907 Floyd Avenue

The VCU Gender, Sexuality, and Women Studies Department is hosting our spring show titled (Performing (Place Placing) Identity). Our event will explore how and why certain ‘identities’ and ‘places’ are produced. It will attempt to address the appropriation of cultural practices by fine art institutions and examine how classism, racism, and sexism are still enacted. 
Ultimately, by exploring alternative and participatory forms of creative expression, this series will complicate the narrative of place and identity and show how society is formed by different categories of identity. 
Opening Night is Thursday, April 24th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
Panel Discussion on identity and performance will be held at 6 p.m. 
Poetry Reading at 7 p.m. 
Film Screenings will take place at 8 p.m. 
The event will be held at the Crenshaw House 
(919 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA.) 

This event if free and open to the public.
There will be refreshments.

President Rao at #VirginiaCommunicationsHallofFame. #vcu #pr #communications @vcu (at John Marshall Hotel)
This infographic represents current workforce sizes and annual fluxes before and after a PhD in the biomedical sciences in the US., read more here.

Hey Rams! 
The Student Veterans Association is hosting its biannual BBQ on the 23rd of this month. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a table, please let me know. It’s only $10 to sponsor.
If not, still come on out and enjoy some delicious FREE Buz & Ned’s BBQ as we celebrate our men and women in uniform! 

I survived my first student research conference! #vcu #politicalscience #wellrounded #upallnight #educated #staystrong

Great job!

Four of the five students featured in VCU News in honor of Research Weeks (April 10-25) are from the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences

Tess Simms (top-left, English and African-American Studies), Nathalie Spita (top-right, Biology), Vanessa Fuentes (bottom-left, Psychology), and Danielle Armstrong (bottom-right, Psychology). Congratulations to our student researchers and their faculty mentors!

Read about them and their research at VCU News.

The Department of African American Studies (vcuafam-on Tumblr) presents a screening of The Big Banana (2011, 85 min), today, Wed. 4/23 at 5 p.m. in the Commons Theater as part of the Africana Film Series


FOX Campaign: Green it. Mean it. (ft. the stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

  1. Use recyclable grocery bag totes or reuse plastic bags when shopping (ft. Joe Lo Truglio)
  2. Reduce, reuse & recycle (ft. Chelsea Peretti)
  3. Help enforce environmental protection laws (ft. Melissa Fumero)
  4. Sell, donate or recycle old electronics (ft. Chelsea Peretti)
  5. Reduce the oven time when baking (ft. Melissa Fumero)
  6. Adjust the thermostat in your home (ft. Joe Lo Truglio)


I know you guys are hunting for summer productivity, so here is a post from HireRAMS that is legit.

Graphic Design Intern
Media General

Location: Richmond
Hrs/Week: 20
Compensation: Unpaid
MGFX is Media General’s graphic design hub, focusing on design for broadcast. We’re…


At TEDxYouth@Manchester, genetics researcher Dan Davis introduces the audience to compatibility genes — key players in our immune system’s functioning, and the reason why it’s so difficult to transplant organs from person to person: one’s compatibility genes must match another’s for a transplant to take.

To learn more about these fascinating genes, watch the whole talk here»

(Images from Davis’s talk, Drew Berry’s animations, and the TED-Ed lessons A needle in countless haystacks: Finding habitable worlds - Ariel Anbar and How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi)


Not able to make it to a bone marrow drive this semester?

Join the Bone Marrow Registry: Monroe Park Campus Challenge!
Monday, April 28, 2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Commons Theater, University Student Commons

Be the Match on Campus at VCU invites you to join the bone marrow registry with a simple cheek swab. Faculty, staff, and students between the ages of 18 and 44 are eligible to join. You could be the match for someone whose only possible treatment is a bone marrow transplant. Join the registry and save a life. We’ll also be raffling off an iPad Air! Please direct questions to lwgariepy@vcu.edu. FAQs are available here (http://bethematch.org/Support-the-Cause/Donate-bone-marrow/Join-the-marrow-registry/FAQs-about-joining/). Join the Facebook event and spread the word!

Support The Alexandrian Society at VCU! This Wednesday in the Commons Theater: “Race and Society in the Atlantic World.” 9:00 AM-5:00 PM


Come out and support your peers!

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VCU College of Humanities & Sciences

The College of Humanities and Sciences is the largest academic unit at VCU, and houses the core intellectual disciplines in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


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